Best Cheapest Suppliers of Gas and Electricity New York
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About Us

The Company

Alpha Gas and Electric is a leading gas and electric provider for both residential and commercial customers. Currently, we offer service in the states of New York, New Jersey, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Due to changes in state laws, consumers are now allowed to choose a other than their local utility company.

We do not change your utility, just the supply portion of your services. There will be no interruption in your utility service at all. Your local utility company will still respond to any emergencies, read the meter and continue billing as always.

Since its inception, AG&E has earned a sterling reputation for professionalism and service. AG&E retains only the finest companies and consummate professionals who share our commitment to superior service. While some companies offer only one service, AG&E provides both gas and electric needs for our customers. This provides our customers with the added convenience of buying both commodities from a single vendor, rather than dealing with multiple providers.