Compare Energy and Gas Prices, Cheapest Energy Supplier
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Alpha Gas and Electric’s Energy Plans

Our Products and Services
Alpha Gas and Electric offers two competitive energy products for gas and electricity service that’s designed to meet the needs of our residential and business customers.

  • Fixed-Rate Plan: This plan, our most popular plan by far, protects against rising energy costs and market volatility. Customers receive long-term price certainty – usually 24 full months – for the full duration of their contract and do not have to worry about any price hikes during the winter or summer months when the most energy is typically used. One low fixed rate that’s guaranteed not to increase. What’s even better? There are no cancellation fees!
  • Variable-Rate Plan: This plan provides the flexibility of having pricing based on the energy market. Participants in this plan benefit from our energy market expertise and our wholesale buying capabilities. With this choice, the variable rate changes monthly based on market conditions while customers maintain the ability to lock in a fixed rate at any time.

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